Our Family Miracle

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be sharing this story with you all. To our little family it’s a miracle! I hope our story can inspire you for miracles of your own and bring a glimpse of hope into your everyday life. 

Many of you know that we have moved from Hawaii to South Carolina a year ago. Our biggest hope in moving here was to buy a home for our family. Kyle and I have been married for nine years and our oldest daughter is going on eight. So our biggest prayer was to settle down and buy a home for our children to grow up in. After having this dream for about ten years, living all over America, moving more times then I want to count, all the while praying for the right place to settle down and have a home, our dream finally came true! Our prayer has been answered and we have received what we have been waiting for! And to top it off we signed the papers and got the keys the same day we drove into South Carolina exactly a year ago! (We didn’t even realize it until FaceBook reminded me of the memory LOL) 

Since we moved here we have been renting my uncles two bedroom cabin. We absolutely love it! But one day a while back, word came to us that it was time for us to move on, so we began our search in buying a house. The overall process has been fun, exciting and at times overwhelming. 

When we finally found the house we wanted to call home we immediately put a bid on it, only to find out the next day that the owners went with the other people that bid. We moved on and kept on praying and searching. A week or so later we get a call and our realtor tells us that the house we wanted is available again and we get first pick on it, if we still want it. Of coarse we said YES!

So that began the process of buying our first home. Sometime into it we get notified that there are complications and we do not qualify, so we sadly signed all the papers getting out of the contract. Later that day my husband tells me that he is not going to quit, he made a few phone calls and wrote emails (thankfully our realtor didn't submit our papers of leaving the contract) by the end of the day my husband found a way to keep the process going. Nearing the end of the whole thing we find out that we still don't qualify and it looks like that is final. So we again sadly accept the fact that we did all we can but need to move on. 

The next morning my husband found rent as a plan B, we were preparing our hearts not to get too discouraged. When the kids got up and were having breakfast I told them the situation (as they were a part of the whole process with us) I tried to explain to them the best I could on their level and just told them to be prepared for whatever final news we get. 

Later that afternoon Hadassah comes to me and says "mom come sit on the couch I need to tell you something" I told her I can hear her and just to talk to me from there but she insisted and I felt something different about it, so I sat next to her. She started by saying "mom I have a feeling that this house we really want will be our Christmas miracle". 

The back story to that is, we watched a family movie a few weeks before, with a family that lost their home (there was a little girl about Hadassahs age in it) throughout the movie they learned many lessons, by the end they got a home and that was their Christmas Miracle. I didn't think much of the movie after we watched it and I didn't realize the impact it had made on my child. 

When my little girl came to me and told me that the Lord showed her, that this house is going to be our Christmas Miracle I felt it in my Spirit. In that moment I was reminded of a journal entry I made a while back and in it I wrote that one day we will get our "miracle house" and that day has come. After I talked with my little girl I wrote Kyle and told him that if our child has faith we should too. Later he said, when he read my message he felt something sweep over him and he was renewed with hope and faith. When he came home that night we got together with our family and prayed. We thanked the Lord that he has a place ready for us and that if this house is it, then we asked him to soften the peoples hearts who are working on our behalf and allow them to approve our family for this home. 

The next afternoon we got news that the lady wrote back and said she changed her mind. Can you believe that?!?! It turns out that the night we prayed was the night someone who was helping us, moved on our behalf and followed the Lords leading and with their obedience to the Holy Spirit it softened the underwriter's heart and she approved us.  

We tell our little girl that it was her faith that got us this home. Both Kyle and I just saw what was in front of us and the reasoning behind it all but our child didn't know all the details, all she had was faith and her faith got us through to the end. 

This is our first home as a family and we couldn't be more excited! I really wanted a fixer upper and that is what I go! It's not as old and full of character as I wanted it to be but the Lord knew that this is all we would be able to handle and it turned out to be the perfect first home for us! We each got the things we were looking for in a home, Kyle and the kids got a two story and I got lots of trees and a semi private yard on a culdesac (dead end of a street). 

There is a tree blocking the view, so we couldn't get a good picture directly in front

There is a tree blocking the view, so we couldn't get a good picture directly in front

Perfect little, fenced in back yard.

Perfect little, fenced in back yard.

My greatest excitement for this story is that it was a family miracle. It took every one of us to pray for it and with thanksgiving patiently wait. The process taught us a lot of things and I wouldn't change anything about the way it happened. The peace that I felt from the Lord was enough to get me to the end and I know he will continue to grow us and shape us as we enter our new home with the season it brings us. 

Thank you friends for reading. I appreciate each one of you and your prayers. Praying for you as well! Love and blessings! 💛