A blog about a mommy sharing life, one day at a time.

Hello! My name is Nataliya and I am a mommy of four beautiful children and I'm married to a brilliant man, Kyle. He and I met in High School and  got married shortly after graduation. Soon enough we had our first baby girl, Hadassah. 10 months after, I was pregnant with my second child, Alistair (Whew!) When he was a little over 2 years old we got the biggest surprise of our lives, baby #3! Half way into my pregnancy we finally got an ultra sound and were surprised even more when we found out baby #3 was really babies 3 & 4, our twins (Jasmine and Judah)!!! That began my intense journey with God.

I searched for my purpose and felt for a long while like I was just a "stay at home mom."  No adult conversations, no second car, only potty training, crying and baby talk all day. I went through a few months of feeling like this is it, I won't be able to handle any more. Then one day God asked me what else I would rather do. I thought long and hard for a while and honestly, there is nothing else I would rather do. That's when I embraced my life as it is and now am enjoying every single moment and day I get to spend with my beautiful family. When I talk to other moms and can feel how overwhelmed they are I share with them what I've learned and it brings me so much joy and purpose to see mothers be encouraged! When I shared these moments with my husband he said, "you should start a blog." I had no idea what a blog was. I took some time to think and pray and do some research to find out more about blogging and with my husband help and support am able to start it now! Please feel free to leave comments or questions to my blog posts and I pray you'll be refreshed as we share life together!