A note to daddy

It's not easy work to be a dad. So I want to say thank you for being a good daddy to our children. I am so proud of you and the wonderful father that you are! 

When I finally saw you with the possibility of being more then just a friend, it was while doing ministry together at a kids camp in Alaska, just a few short weeks after we both graduated. You were passionate about life, God and worship, you didn't seem to intentionally bring attention to yourself but you would care for others in such a way that they were drawn to you. You always had people around you, the joy you had was very contagious. The atmosphere of the school seemed to always depend on your energy. I heard a kid ask once "is Kyle here?" someone said "no" and he walked away with his head down, mumbling "then today is going to suck". (I think I secretly felt the same way ;) 

We went to a small private school, the teachers, student and all the parents were your friends, you got along great with everyone! It was obvious even back then, how great you were with children. You have taught me and continue to teach me a lot about having a relationship with kids and opening my heart to more then just my own. It's so easy as adults to be distracted by friends of our own and not pay attention to the little ones running around. But you always seem to find the time and way to notice and interact on their level. 

I remember when we first got married, we were going to wait a while before growing our family but you could hardly wait half a year and after that you somehow convinced me that we will be even happier with an addition or two. And so... one, two and four kiddos later, I totally agree with you! We are very happy and content and I'm so thrilled for the way our life turned out (even though it was waaaay out of my "perfect" plan). God's ways are ALWAYS better then our own!

I have to mention one more thing (hehe). When we first moved to Hawaii and stayed with one of my aunts who has 13 children, you were totally convinced that we should have that many! I remember bawling to my mother telling her how insensitive you were haha I could hardly manage my two little ones at the time and I was actually done at two, so to think of ten plus more really stressed me out. 

Before we even had children of our own you talked about fostering and adoption, in some way always reaching out to children. I love that about you, your world doesn't revolve around your personal little life but your heart is big and caring enough to reach out to the less fortunate and make a difference. Although we are not doing that yet God has truly made a change in my heart and I am totally ready for even 13 kiddos (maybe not all biological or at once ;) but if that's what God calls us to, then why not??

Thank you for being an amazing daddy to our kiddos, they are so blessed to have you as their father. You continue to grow and discover who they are and do your best to build relationships with them. You're always quick to apologize, which I believe is a great strength to have. You make sure to add fun to our home and you're very generous with your love to us all. We all want you to know how much you mean to us. 

A note from Hadassah -I love you daddy! Your the best daddy in the world! I like it when you swing me on the swings. My favorite memory with you is when we went to Costco and ate ice cream! :) 

A note from Alistair -Happy Fathers Day Papa! You are the strongest in the world! I like going camping, fishing and other places with you. And I like it when you play with me and when we play games together. 

A note from Jasmine -I love you Papachka, I like it when you spin me around. (again, again, again :) I also like park wee and tickles. 

A note from Judah -I love you, I like it when you "steam roll me". I like to go to the park with you and chick-fill-a! 

Happy Father's Day Darling!