June 2017

I didn't realize until now how busy May and June are for our family, kids activities and camps, birthdays, holidays, and our Anniversary. The only other time of year it's as busy for us is November-December. With so much going on all I want to do is slow down and embrace it all. Soak in every moment and enjoy the life I have. 

For little Alistairs and my dads birthday we went camping the first weekend of June. We had so much fun! It was our first camping trip in South Carolina. It was so nice to get away from the everyday chores and to do lists. We had absolutely no internet connection and that was also so refreshing! It was our kiddos first time ever swimming in a lake. Let me tell you, we were spoiled with our crystal clear, aqua blue Kua Bay in Hawaii. I feel like nothing will ever compare.. But we still had fun, fishing, swimming, paddle boating and lots of marshmallows around the fire. 

Last week my older two kids went to a day camp for a few days. I'm an introvert so driving them to and from camp as well as running errands with my other two for a few days was exhausting! I'm so ready to hide away in our little cabin for a week... But I'm so proud of my kiddos, I did a few lessons of Dave Ramsey Junior coarse with them and they started saving their money. When camp came up, we told them that if they want to go they would need to pay for it themselves. It was their first "big" chunck of money, they each had to save up fourty dollars. And they did! By doing chores around the house and with the help of family buying cookies from them, as well as birthday money they each saved up just the right amount. It was so fun to hear them interact and reason about money from their perspective. To imagine the possibility of what else they can do with it (they were a little nervous to go) but afterwards they loved it and can't wait to save up more for next time! 

Over all we have been taking it easy this month. I've been giving the kids a little break before jumping back into a school routine. But who am I kidding I needed a break myself! Every now and then I find myself in a parenting rut and feel like I can't seem to get above the surface. But I begged God for answers and a freshness in my daily life. As always he came through and shined his light and things became crystal clear. I'm so excited for all that he has shared with me. (I might write about it when I get a chance). 

I have also finished two books! It's been so long since have done that so I'm excited. I found out a few years ago that I'm much better at listening then reading so I finally got audible and I love it! The two that I finished are "Love and Respect" and "The Magnolia Story" Both of them were really really good. I totally recommend both of them! 

Next week Kyle and I are celebrating our anniversary! I can't believe it's been nine precious years already! (Are we that old??) Well we are getting older I suppose, no longer two teenagers that we once were. But life together has been an adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything. The good and the hard all needed to be there to shape us into who we are today. We are two very different people, starting with me being an oldest child and him being the youngest, our personalities, love languages, our upbringings, nationalities and much much more. Learning to manage and see the beauty in our differences instead of trying to change one another has been a gift to discover. We are still growing and learning every day and it's been a fun journey! I wrote in Marriage is a gift how we had to overcome and press through some of the hardest times we've had. But now every year that comes around we are reaping the reward. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all are doing well. Would love to hear from you and how your summer is going. Leave me a comment or email me.  

Blessings, Natty