May's Memories

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you. I haven't had time to sit down and write but I do think of you often, I hope and pray everything is going well. Can you believe that May is almost over!?!? I'm enjoying all the moments and here's a few I'd like to share with you. 

Life is hustling and bustling, the school year is officially coming to an end, My kids have learned so much this year and I am so proud of them! This is how we do school most days. 

The weather has been getting much warmer and we've had a few rainy days this week but we love it! In between the rain pours the kids would run outside and swing on their new swing set that daddy put together for them.  He spoils them ;) I think, he got it for them because I told him that my whole childhood I asked my parents for a swing but we moved so often that I guess my dad just never got around to it. But then when Kyle and I got together, I came home one day to find a swing in the backyard! I spent many many hours out there, looking at our beautiful lake, thinking about how my life is about to change. It was hanging off of a tree with a cliff under neath so it was definitely a big girl swing! (Thank you Papachka! I still have such sweet memories :) I loved to swing (still do) that's how I calm down and replenish and I totally see that in my kids, especially my youngest and I'm happy she wont have to get engaged before her daddy built her a swing! (Thank you darling! Your the sweetest daddy ever!) 

Although is gets nice and tight being all in the house together we have found ways to make it fun! One night we made cookies mmm and listened to Michael Bublé. (Just this once for Christmas music, I hope ;)  

Another day we snuggled on the couch and watched a classic movie, while eating popcorn. (Eating on the couch is not something I let them do often). And I don't really ever sit down to watch anything with them, so it was nice to cuddle up and show them a movie I used to watch as a child. 

Had late night story times as we all had a sleep over in "mama's room". (While daddy was away).  

My husband was out of a town for a few days and I had the kids all to myself! They've been learning about the importance of being grateful and remembering their manners not just to strangers but also to each other. And today as I was reflecting on my day I remembered how my oldest daughter thanked me in the car, for taking them to Costco and letting them have pizza for dinner. (How do you like our coke?? ;) 

Her gratefulness made me feel appreciated and also thankful that they do learn and hear what I say. After that heart warming memory, I realized that I don't thank my children enough for being the best kids ever. At bedtime as I was tucking them in, I told them each how precious they are to me. I thanked them for everything and listed off a few things to each of them personally, you can just see how they lit up and got a smile on their face. Because no matter how old you are or who you are in life, everyone wants to feel loved, appreciate and accepted

You might be in a life changing process or you might be caught up in the mundane of life, remember one thing "it won't be like this forever". So I encourage you today to go and thank those in your life, I'm sure you can find at least one thing to say, but more then likely you'll have more. My husband often tells me "well I think about it often" and I tell him "that it's nice to hear his thoughts every now and then". 

Feeling so loved and celebrated the week of Mother's Day made me wonder, what if we all lived each day celebrating the people next to us, instead of waiting for birthdays or special occasions? Why should the kids and I wait for fathers day to celebrate the best daddy in the world? Or wait for birthdays to make someone feel special? It's not about going all out and throwing parties but it's the little things that we do or say when we are intentionally trying to make someone feel treasured. Appreciating and living intentionally can make all the difference in the world, in your marriage and your family.

Life with kids is always teaching me something new and I wouldn't trade any of it. The hard, long, mundane, at times even exhausting, it's ALL worth it! I heard a saying today that gave me a good laugh "we think when we have kids, we are raising them but really God is raising us, through them" isn't that the truth though! Haha

Praying for you all and thank you so much for reading! Love to hear your feedback, stay in touch! 

Blessings, Natty