Supernatural childbirth testimony

It's been over three years now since my twins were born. I had very mixed emotions about their birth story and couldn't get myself to freely share about it. But a few weeks ago a family situation made me re think about how I feel. I realized that this is really not even my story to hold on to. So I prayed and released it and since then I've shared it with a few people and it gets me excited to be reminded of how great and awesome our God is! I want Him to get all the praise and glory that He deserves and I want everyone to know that God still does miracles today.

My last pregnancy was hard, emotionally, physically, mentally and in every way possible. But how I love it when God uses such hard times in life to bring out the most incredible stories. 

So when I was pregnant with the twins I was at high risk of having them prematurely. The doctors tried to prep me that I pretty much I had no chance of having them naturally or full term. I had a list of restrictions, things I couldn't do, in other words bed rest as much as possible. I heard that tune from them every appointment I went to. Usually after every visit with them I would cry and my faith would really be tested. Both of the babies were head up the whole pregnancy and it got to the point that the doctors said they were too big to move around and flip any more. Everything (from the medical point of view) just felt like the doctors were right and I wouldn't be able to have them without a c-section.

During this whole time I was praying and believing, that I was going to have my babies not only naturally but also supernaturally. And what that means for those of you that might not be familiar with the term, is you have your baby the way God originally designed it, before the curse in the garden of eden and that is pain free, quickly and happily! So that is what I prayed for and believed would happen to me. 

I told my twins to turn the right way at the right time and I thanked God for obedient children and that they would flip before I needed to go into labor. They were seriously testing me  because the first time they were in the proper position for the ultrasound was a short time before they were born! 

The other thing the doctors said was that if they come anytime before 37 weeks, they would have to fly me to Oahu (another Island) because the hospitals where we lived on the Big Island (Hawaii) didn't have the equipment to hold premature babies. I went into labor at 1 am the morning of the day they turned 37 weeks!

These things might be small and even go unnoticeable but our God cares about even the smallest detail of our lives. He's amazing that way! When my contractions started they were very strong and minutes apart with absolutely no pain! I couldn't walk, talk or laugh so I knew it was time! We headed to the hospital and the whole time I was having contractions and they were strong, I could barely sit/lay comfortably in the car but again there was no pain! When we got to the hospital it took me what felt like twenty minutes to walk a two minute walk lol because of how strong they were. When I finally got there and got checked in, they hooked up the monitors and everything was going well. But after a few more contractions they all stopped.

I was in no condition to go home and my contractions still haven't started by morning, so they induced me. I fell asleep and slept through the hardest and most intense contractions yet and the only thing I complained about they said was the needle in my arm from the induction (which was set to the lowest setting they can put it). I soundly slept through all the commotion of them checking up on me and my amazed husband trying to wake me up to ask me if I could feel anything. He was watching the monitor and the contractions were showing up very strong. Just to clarify I did not have an epidural or any other form of pain medication with any of my births.  

Later in the afternoon the nurse came to wake me up and get things going. They broke my water and minutes later the first baby wanted to come out. She flew out with one push!

They let me hold my perfectly, healthy baby while they checked on me. I felt so good all I could say is I just want to go home, I feel great can I just please go home LOL. Of coarse I still had another baby to deliver. :) The whole process was only about an hour from the time they broke my water until everything was cleaned up and I was allowed to have visitors. My sister brought the older kids to come visit us just as everything began, so she turned on a movie for the kids in the car while they waited, before it even ended mother tells her to come bring the kids inside. Everyone had left already and it was just us and our babies! Sister was expecting to wait for much longer then that and was surprised of how fast it all was over. 

The doctors, nurses and by standers (I say that because the room was packed with people) were all shocked and amazed and said "in all their years of experience they've never seen a birth like this one". I was called the "Rock Star mama" in the hospital after that. (Don't really know why) But news traveled fast and everyone knew who we were and our story. I kept getting stopped and everyone would want to talk and ask questions. I was really embarrassed and still overwhelmed myself at all that happened but I guess when God shows up and does something word will naturally spread.  

Another huge testimony for me was not tearing during delivery! For those of you (mothers) who've gone through that, you might be able to relate. After my oldest was born I tore everywhere possible, it took me two months to heal! It felt like forever before I could sit and walk "normal" again. I tore with the second baby as well. But with the twins absolutely not! PRAISE God!!

That same evening after they were born I got up and walked to the restroom all by myself! LOL For me that was a huge deal! Two miracles, first that I walked and second that I used the restroom ALONE without medical assistance. I don't just write this to embarrass myself, I write it so that you would know that giving birth didn't just come easy for me, that naturally it was hard but with God it was quick, peacful and supernatural.

My healing process was very different with the twins then the first two as well. I got the typical baby blues after my first two were born but after the twins I healed through laughter. Instead of crying I would laugh much much more, so much that my tummy hurt more from laughing then having the twins. I still shed some tears every now and then but the joy and love I had was powerful and overwhelming. It got me through the long long nights of nursing two babies, and having to take care of my other two during the day, my older ones were two and four years old. Looking back I can say I truly did soak in every moment and enjoyed it to the fullest! 

I do want to mention one thing. When you allow fear to come in, it nullifies the word of God and what you are afraid of ends up happening. I recall having that moment after the nurse broke my water. They came up to me and started doing their thing, I wasn't even fully awake so when it all started happening so quickly I allowed fear in. The next few contractions hurt! But praise God that he came and intervened. The only memories I clearly remember from the twins birth are joy, peace and excitement of living out what God said he would do. I can totally do that again! ;)

One more thing, about the Doctor that gave me such a hard time during my pregnancy, he actually didn't do anything at birth (he was eating his lunch at my right side talking to me). It was so quick and simple that the interns did everything supervised by the midwife and none of the specialists had to get involved. The Doctor came in the next day and apologized if he offended me in any way during my prenatal visits with him, and he said he's never seen anything like this birth before, he congratulated us and we haven't seen him since. How powerful is that!!? I had already forgiven him after each visit but still for him to come and say that to me, I never would have thought! Now that time has passed I honestly don't think it was all just about "money" for a c-section (something people said to me when I would mention it) but it was much more then that. I think in the spiritual realm his spirit was bothered by my faith and the peace that God filled me with at every appointment. With the way he talked he probably expected me to react much different and to not have my own say in things the way that I did. Yes I might have cried in the car after visiting with him (what pregnant woman wouldn't?) but in the room I always felt peace and didn't say much even when everything seemed to go against me. When I would deny certain procedures I always did my research before and knew what I was doing. And for those appointments I also brought support with me, either my husband or someone else so that I wouldn't be alone and didn't have to make any decision under pressure. 

Supernatural Childbirth isn't only about the birth itself but it begins with your pregnancy and even before you conceive your baby. Maybe even the "doctors" told you that you can't ever have a baby. I would strongly recommend reading the book "Supernatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize. Don't wait until "you're ready" to get it and start reading. Do it now. We are no longer under the curse, Jesus died and it has been broken! Renew your mind with the word of God and start living in the freedom that Christ had died to give us! Not only for a supernatural childbirth but a supernatural life. 

I hope my story ministered to you and could be an inspiration to go deeper and live in the supernatural. God bless you! 

Thank you so much for reading. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. And please share it with those who might need it and are in this season of their life.