Life in the South

I wrote about why we moved to South Carolina in my last post HERE. I wanted to do a follow up of how we like it here so far, I hope you enjoy!

We left Hawaii September first, from Kona we flew to Vancouver, Washington. I really wanted to visit friends and family on our way down and my honoring husband agreed, tickets turned out cheaper that way so it was a win win for us. It was a great visit we stayed with a friend and used the fireplace to it's fullest! It was so cold and cozy, something we haven't felt in years! Our kids did't know what it was and kept refusing to wear sweaters, socks or shoes it was a battle haha. 

After spending ten days in Washington we flew out to visit Family in Florida! (As a bonus we stayed at the Disney World campgrounds) That too was a great trip, something my husband wanted to do with the kids for a while. We were in Florida for two weeks before we drove up to South Carolina. 

It was a very long slightly overwhelming journey but we finally made it here September twenty fifth! When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by our family as they helped us settle in and show us around. It was already the beginning of fall the weather was perfect, very similar to the weather in Hawaii. After a few short weeks all the leaves were changing colors and began to fall off, it was beautiful! Growing up in Alaska and then living in Hawaii we didn't really experience much of the fall season so it's nice to finally live somewhere that we can.

It got colder in November-December and in January it snowed one day! The weather isn't consistent here which is something we had to get used to, it's cold for a week or two and then it gets warm, it's been like that most of the winter. But we love it, it doesn't give you a chance to get tired of the same thing. 

Moving here we didn't even realize that it was considered the South so when we got here we were a little shocked. Having went to Washington and Florida right before, we were able to compare and see the drastic differences between each state. Especially the huge difference between the North and South. Life in so many ways is different here, so much land and history in the beautiful homes and buildings. We especially love the back roads, they are for those like me, who like to enjoy driving and are not in a rush to take the freeway. 

Everyone seems to be church goers around here, lots of places closed on Sundays and wherever you go you at least here one story of someone openly talking about church, scripture or something God did for them recently. It was the strangest thing at first going to target and hearing it all around or being at a restaurant and all the workers talking freely about church and God. A lot of restaurants play christian music it seems it's everywhere we go! I love it! Makes the world feel like a safe place to live in again and that there are really people out there who know and love God beyond my church and family. Kyle works for a woodworking shop and on his interview the Boss says "here we do God first, then family and then work," how awesome is that?! 

Over all life feels simpler, quieter and calmer. Since we've moved here I've already changed my mind on having a farm one day ;) Life just feels right here for us, mother was right it feels like home. We are excited to finally put down roots, buy a house and watch our kiddos grow up. Without any pressure or competition for bigger, better or more.

One of my friends said "you moved from a village to a town!" LOL Yes we did! We have more selection of places to visit, parks, museums, zoo's and stores etc... We can drive to a bigger town if we want or go on road trips to different states, which I'm looking forward to! And now we are also closer to my husbands side of the family and we don't have to wait six years to see them again! They are just a road trip away :)

So yeah we live in the South now, country music started to make more sense :) I'm so thankful for the privilege of having lived in a few different states within the last eight years and not just states but totally opposite parts of America. Alaska, Wisconsin, Texas, Hawaii and now hopefully our final destination (for now) South Carolina! Each place is unique and beautiful. I hope your enjoying where God has you, I know we are! 

Love and blessings to you my friends! Thanks so much for reading. 

Natty :)