Special Beginnings

In December 2018,  I wrapped up the year by journaling about the amazing, full year we had. I also journaled about my plans, thoughts and desires for the up coming year, 2019. No where in those plans did I foresee the surprise the Lord had in store for our family. I was super excited all through the holidays and the new year, so much was happening and I was in a season of growth. It was a very inspiring and restful season for me. I’ve mentioned before how much I love growing, striving and learning new things. New days, weeks, months and years bring me lots of joy and exhilaration, so you can only imagine how I am feeling about the new season of life our family is heading into.

All photos by Ashley Peerson Photography.

All photos by Ashley Peerson Photography.

Our family has been through a lot, not only in our relationships but also through living all over the US. It all began in a small town called Wasilla, Alaska. On June 28, 2008 my husband and I got married, a few short weeks after that, we drove all the way through Canada to Wisconsin. We made a stop there, for a few months before officially moving to Dallas, Texas. In January 2009 we arrived at the collage campus we would spend the next three years of our life. We came on our little Rav4 that was gifted to us as a wedding gift, everything we owned was in that car. Those are the days when “real life” really hit us, we started living out an adventure that really never seemed to stop. Nothing is ever predictable in our life, as much as the two of us would like it to be. To be honest I am actually loving it this way!


We had our first two beautiful children in Texas. After three years, when my husband graduated collage, we headed back to Alaska. We thought we would raise our family in the place where we both grew up. Our family felt quite complete at that time and we didn’t plan or think we would be having any more offspring. LOL Anyway we only survived in AK for half a year, before we found ourselves selling everything and flying to Hawaii. When we arrived in Hawaii we knew pretty quickly that we wouldn’t be staying there long term. (Perks of never visiting before moving to a new state) But before we got the chance to announce our move back to AK I found out that I was pregnant. We decided we would stay just long enough for the baby to be born and for me to recoup and then we would head out. Those were our plans but the Lord had other plans. When the one baby turned out to be two, everything changed and we settled in. We still yearned to permanently find a “forever” home to raise our quickly growing children. So we prayed and waited for the Lord to direct our ways, in his timing.


One day he answered, we were actually quite comfortable and weren’t really expecting any dramatic changes at the time but it was official, we were moving. If you’re interested you can read about some of the journey in “moving on” “Learning to trust” and “why south Carolina” So yeah we ended up in South Carolina out of all the places we thought we would go this one really never crossed our mind. But we are here now and we love it! We bought our first home here about a year and a half ago. Remodeled a little and are finally feeling at home in this big and beautiful world.


Our family again felt whole and complete, two girls and two boys, everyone was telling us, we are set. But deep down I felt like there was more to come. And that is the wonderful surprise that we’re awaiting. Our family is growing by one more member! Coming September of this year. Yep you read that correctly we are having another little blessing! SURPRISE!!!

We don’t know the gender yet but we did have it confirmed that it was just one. (My twin mama friends might understand) I cannot even begin to describe how ecstatic my kids are about the news. Oh how I sometimes wish I would have waited another month or two before telling them, the energy is almost too much. But it makes me happy that they are excited. The baby is already getting showered with hugs, kisses and I love you’s, notes and pictures are starting to be everywhere. I’ve already had so many meaningful and deep conversations with the kids, that I didn’t even expect to ever have with them at such a young age. This is quite a journey and a whole new experience for our little family. Previously they were waaay too small to comprehend me being pregnant or having a new baby(s) so this is definitely all new and exciting.

We got to squeeze in a mini family photo shoot before we grow. Well the secret is there but no one really knew yet except for hubby and I :)

We got to squeeze in a mini family photo shoot before we grow. Well the secret is there but no one really knew yet except for hubby and I :)

For those of you who may be wondering, I have been feeling great! After keeping this a secret for about three months, I still can’t believe it’s official. I’m excited to be sharing this news with you. I already have so much more to share about this journey but all that is for another day.

Blessings to you my friends! Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.