happy spring

Hello everyone! It's been a while and I've missed you.

Can you believe it's already spring of 2018?? I hope your year is going well. 

Around here we are so excited for spring time!  The weather has been warming up and we've been going outside more often. Enjoying hikes, parks and the beautiful blossoms all around.


And of coarse spring cleaning! It's one of my favorite seasons, wouldn't you agree? We love having our own home! If you haven't read the story, you can read about it here. I'm also thrilled about my sister stay with us. (They recently moved here from Hawaii) So if my attention isn't full on with the kids, then I'm spending time with her. It's such a blessing and I'm treasuring these moments. 

If anyone doesn't know yet, I am a homeschool mama. I've been meaning to write about it and to over all keep up with journaling. But homeschooling does take up most of my time... I am not complaining, it's totally worth it! 


The two older kiddos are in first and second grade and the younger ones are four years old. I feel like this might be, in homeschooling, one of the more difficult seasons in life because although they are all pretty independent they still need a lot of attention and supervision. I am so so thankful that I have finally found a program that works for us and I love it as much as the kiddos do. I enjoy my weekends and breaks but I find that one of my favorite days of the week is Monday. Of coarse we have all kinds of days but for the most part this year has been wonderful. While on the topic of schooling, if you have any questions pertaining to homeschooling, please feel free to ask. I would like to share my experience with you and would love to answer any questions in a future entry. :) 

I've been learning so much with and through my kids. And love the season we are in right now. It isn't easy but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The Lord is always so near and pours out his grace, teaching me to follow his example. I love how he orchestrates my life and writes his own story.


I thought I knew myself and what I wanted but more then ever, I'm learning that if I just allow him to lead them I will be amazed at what the outcome will be. It doesn't mean it's a breeze but who ever said faith was? Trusting the Lord for me right now means patiently waiting for him to do his work. For him to teach me how to be a wife, a mama, a teacher, a friend etc... You may think I have it all figured out but friend it's a process, I am growing and learning something new every day. And that just about summarizes my recent months. 

Be encouraged today that you are not alone. We are all in this together, no matter what season you are in! Write me, I love hearing from you. Let me know what you've been up to! Is it also spring time where you live?