Life with Jesus

It's Easter Sunday tomorrow and I thought it would be appropriate to talk about Jesus and all that he means to me. And what he's done in my life and how to me he is everything. 

Without him I wouldn't have had the family I grew up in. I don't have any idea what my teenage years would have looked like because he literally was my life! Every spare moment I had I spent locked up in my room spending time with the lover of my soul. He was the one who opened my eyes and had my heart skip a beat when I saw the man who would later become my husband. That man has been the greatest gift ever, I can't imagine life without him! Together now we have four precious little gifts, whom we love more then words can say! 

Without Jesus I probably would have quit on my marriage a few years ago. Without him I might have not had my precious twins. As a family we wouldn't be where we are today. 

But because of Jesus I have hope. I have faith that he is who he says who he is and that there is a loving, caring, always present Heavenly Father who loves me to eternity. I have joy and contentment in life. I have a beautiful family. I've experienced his supernatural hand in my life at the birth of my twins. And now I'm living with much more faith and seeing his power in my life more then ever, he is showing and teaching me new things daily. With him I am able to conquer anything that comes my way. He is my reason for living. I would not have purpose in life if it wasn't centered around my King. 

Jesus didn't have to but he wanted to come to this earth and take on a human nature and die in our place. Only he could have done it because he is the sinless, pure, holy Lamb of God. I grew up hearing all the stories of the Bible my whole life and as I got older I started to ask him to show me what his birth and death really meant and represented. Over the years he has been showing and revealing more of himself to me.

You can't think your way into the kingdom of God, the only way is through Jesus, to believe on him. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the truth. I longed to know him deeper and wanted to understand how, why etc... I sought him in his word. Read it, listened to it and did not stop after that one time that nothing happened. I didn't give up on him after my first delivery or second of not experiencing what I had prayed for (a supernatural childbirth). When prayers don't get answered it's not because there is no God or he doesn't care or hear us but maybe we need to keep asking, or maybe we need to wait patiently for the answer or maybe what we are praying for is not in his will. I didn't quit on God and he proved himself to me. 

I go to him for everything. He is always in my thoughts, his presence doesn't leave, he is always near. He doesn't have to be there for me all the time but he wants to be. His love is so strong and he wants to see us victorious. When my spirit is centered on him and not myself or my current circumstances he replenishes and energizes me. In his presence fear and darkness leave and I become more and more the person God has created me to be. Life becomes more in tune with heaven and I learn to live by the Spirit more then my natural self. And that is why I say Jesus to me is everything.

Ones you've experienced heaven on earth in your life, there is no going back. No doubt of his existence or fear of any kind. You no longer live for and before people but you only walk, live and breath for Jesus. There is no being separated from him. And that is why I am so thankful for this Passover/Easter season to celebrate what our Savior has done for us. I pray we all experience him in a new way during this time and become even closer with him then ever before. 

I'm not in a religion serving "God" I'm in a relationship with the most important person that matters, in the universe and that is Jesus!

I hope and pray you have found that simple yet deep place with your savior. It's not hard, all you have to do is be willing... willing to love him more then life. Willing to seek him and follow his ways. Call on him and he will answer (not always the way you expect him to but he will). He is always waiting for us with open arms. Run to him, embrace him and live for him. 

Happy Easter dear friends! Jesus is ALIVE!!!