My Blogging Journey

I cannot believe it's been two years since I started to blog! I want to start off by thanking you, for following along on my journey for reading, supporting, commenting and encouraging me in one way or another. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. There have been many times that I wanted to quit. But whenever someone reached out and says that they have been touched that helped me change my mind and press through the hardness of it. I still have much to learn but it's been a fun journey for me. I don't think I've ever shared the story with you about how and why I stared blogging. So I'll do it today.  :) 


Over two years ago at the end of 2014 I stared having this feeling that I can and should be doing more in life. At that time I already had my four kiddos, life was busy and fun but I felt like I should still be doing more. I wanted to find something to work on that I could do from home. A few opportunities came up and I thought for sure one would be my answer from God. I prayed for a specific yes or a no and he said no. Not in a forbidding kind of way or don't you dare try that but in a way that he has something else for me and that what I was thinking about wasn't it. But at that point I was already so excited and had my hopes up for the new "opportunity" so I was very disappointed when the answer was no. I cried for a few days but I knew God had my best in mind. So I let go and I trusted him and decided to wait and enjoy life in the meantime. A few months went by and it was no longer at the fore front of my mind. My husband and I were on a date around valentines day and because of a car accident that happened on our street we took a detour and went in the opposite direction and ended up having our coffee else where. The reason I remember that so vividly is because the drive ended up being much longer (we went out of town) and on that drive I shared with him all that God has been teaching me and how he's been growing me. I told him how I've embraced being a mom and it saddens me to see others so overwhelmed. I shared with him how I have friends write me often and it's so hard to share all that I want to with them over text messaging. I mentioned feeling like I wanted to be emptied so that I can have more room for the Lord to fill me. 

After all my talking and my husband listening, he turned to me and said "you need to start a blog". I will be honest I had really no idea what a blog was but I got the shivers because I knew that whatever it was, it was my answer to what I've been waiting for. I said I would have to pray about it but deep down I knew that I really didn't because this was what I have been waiting for. It was my answer even though it wan't what I had expected and it came with a lot of homework! So that began a new adventure in life for me. I had to venture waaaaaay out of my comfort zone, first of all in writing (grammar, spelling, etc. my least favorite subject in school) and also in the technological world. God really does like to use our weaknesses.


The other day I mentioned to someone that I have blog and she goes "oh you're a writer?" I was taken aback by that because all my life I disliked writing or reading or anything academic really because I always felt below average and like I struggled in everything, I even hate my own handwriting! (Haha thank God for typing). I used to sit behind this guy in high school who would finish all his homework while the teacher talked and then he would say "give us some more homework that was too easy or can we write a page or a poem for tomorrow?" and there was me dying in the seat behind him because I knew that if she assigned us any more, then I would have to stay up all night doing homework! Guess who that guy was??? You probably guessed right! He's now my husband! :) I don't know why I'm the one with a blog and not him. LOL He's been writing books since he learned to write! And I've never kept a journal until I married him and took a journaling class in Bible School. :)


I never thought I would be a writer in life but like I say often the Lord likes to come in and rearrange my agenda to his terms. Honestly now that I've accepted this and stopped comparing myself to the different writers and bloggers around me, I am actually enjoying writing and it's more fun than "work". I compare myself to me now and me two years ago and I could hardly write a birthday card (without spending days thinking about what to say), and the only thing I knew about computers is how to turn them on lol (I'm exaggerating... but not by much). So compared to me I have learned a lot and I'm far from even where I want to be but I'm taking baby steps and moving in the right direction. Again I'm so thankful to you all for reading and supporting my journey and becoming part of my little family. 

My little photographer behind the cover photo :) Hadassah McGregor -I love you mommy and daddy so Much. (I left my lap top open and she wrote that in there) :) 

My little photographer behind the cover photo :) Hadassah McGregor -I love you mommy and daddy so Much. (I left my lap top open and she wrote that in there) :) 

Nattys journal is for my records, my little hobby but it's also for you guys so if you have question or comments please feel free to ask or share, I love hearing from you all!