Nine years together

It's our Anniversary today! I can't believe it's been nine whole years already since that chilly summer day in Alaska when Kyle and I said our vows to each other. It was a sweet day, I love how genuine and innocent we both were. I finally get why everyone kept saying "you are so young", now that we are "older" looking at teenagers and how young they are makes me realize how young we actually were. I needed a "permission" slip from my parents to get married lol. But to this day the Lord hasn't failed us and still helps us on our everyday journey.  

About a month after Kyle and I started "talking", he was at home with his mom and they decided to go "Holy Spirit shopping". (My mother in law would go to the store and ask the Holy Spirit if there is anything she should buy, she would walk around and if something stood out she would get it and then when the right time and person came along she would gift it to them.) Isn't that the neatest thing you've ever heard!?

So they went to the store to just pass time and spend it together but when they walked in, mother went straight to the jewelry department. Kyle was hesitant at first because it seemed like it was a little too soon but he went with and started looking anyway. A sweet lady named Gail kindly helped them look through all the rings that they had. Kyle didn't find the "perfect' ring so he thanked her and they were going to head out, just then she remembered that they had new rings in the back not yet on display. She went back and found the one she thought they would like and brought it out to them. Kyle examined it and said the rocks were a little  too small, she went back and brought out a bigger one, right away him and his mother knew that was the one for me. That day he left the store with a ring! The only time and place he ever looked for one and got the perfect one!

We knew from our first conversation, that we were dating to get married, so right away I stared to think about the ring and how I never really liked any that I saw. I got really nervous, so I shared it with my mom and she told me to pray about it and to trust the Lord with Kyle's choice. She really liked Kyle and believed that he would not disappoint me. I was a very obedient child so I listened to her, I prayed and left it in Gods hands.

One day I was in my parents room, talking with my dad when I saw a jewelry catalog, I grabbed it and started looking through it to find something I liked. I actually found one, circled it and wrote my name next to it. I told my dad to somehow secretly show it to Kyle sometime. (That was my plan to not be disappointed haha) But little did I know that I was already too late, he had purchased the ring a few weeks before that. Although he got the ring fairly quickly, he wasn't planning to propose until a few months later. That summer we were both going on separate mission trips and he wanted to wait until we got back. So a few weeks after we were both in Alaska again, he proposed to me. (It was so sweet :) It was already dim outside on our pier by the lake, so when we came inside the house, I went to hide in the bathroom to look at my new ring. Eek I was so nervous and at that time still very shy in front of him. But to my amazement it was the ring! I was so excited! I had doubted my dad and that he would remember or even dare to tell Kyle, so I was ashamed of myself. But when I asked him, he actually did forget and probably didn't even remember the catalog. So I went looking under my parents bed and found it in his papers. I showed Kyle and he just laughed because it was the same exact ring! There were two rings on the page, the smaller and the bigger one and of coarse I circled the bigger one. He later went on to tell me the story of how he bought the ring and it was obvious that it was the Holy Spirit, that made and saved the day! 

It was only the beginning of many more wonderful stories and miracles that the Lord had done for us. When we you trust him and put all your hope in him. He will not fail you but will surprise you with how much he cares about the littlest things in your life. 

Our little family is nine years old today! It's been the most exhilarating ride of my life and although I do NOT like roller coasters I feel like my life has been just that! And I'm ok with it because it just means that God is in control and I will take a coaster ride with him over a planned out "perfect" life by me any day! 

** Thank you Love, for taking me as your wife nine years ago today. Thank you for being my best friend and riding this life's journey along side me. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me! I love you, cherish you and respect you and always will. Happy anniversary! Yours forever, Natashinka **

P.S. I still love, love, love my ring and wouldn't trade it for any other! :)