Trusting for Provision

I wanted to share our little testimony with you about how God provided work for Kyle after we moved here to South Carolina. 

We came without any work lined up so right away we started looking around, trying to find something. If you haven't heard of how we moved you can read about it here. Because of how the Lord lead us through our journey, we kind of expected to come here and find work waiting for us. But like I've said before, trusting the Lord isn't always easy but it's always worth it.  

We took a month getting settled in, exploring where we live, unpacking and jumping full time into school with the kids all while waiting and hoping something would come up. We didn't mind too much that Kyle didn't have to go straight to work. But after he applied to a few places and one interview after another he knew that each place wasn't it, we slightly began to get anxious. 

Moving here we had no idea where we would live but God miraculously provided a home for us. "Learning to trust" So we knew he would provide work as well. Kyle is a woodworker and wanted to continue in that. We prayed since Hawaii for a good job, so that we would be able to live on one income but nothing that was coming up was God given. We just continued to pray and wait. It was very difficult to not question God or our ourselves but through it all we kept our focus and one day it happened, Kyle got a call about an interview with a woodworking shop. He went with his heart guarded because of previous experiences but this time it was different. He was qualified for the job and they liked him and he really liked it too. The pay was good and the atmosphere of the shop was exactly what we were praying for. His boss during the interview said "around here we put God first, then family and then work". How amazing is that??

During the waiting period it wasn't easy to be patient, to not accept the things others might be saying or thinking about you, to not listen to the doubt and discouragement that came into our minds every day. I remember after a while things began to get blurry, rent was coming up and the bills obviously weren't put on hold, but we kept praying. We had to lean on each other a lot for comfort, support and truth, to not allow discouragement to set it. God as always was faithful and answered our prayers in his timing and provide a wonderful job for Kyle. Our fist rent payment was due December and Kyle's first day at work was December 1st. During the "waiting" moments in life, no matter what my prayers are abou,t I always remind myself that the Lord is never early nor too late. His timing is always perfect! 

To most people security is the most important thing but for us it's never been that way. It's not because we are fearless, we are quite normal and have all those emotions but what we do different is, follow the leading of the Lord and then trust him to provide. So if he lead us to move here then we know he will provide the rest of the journey. Before we even got here he provided a home and that was huge for us, so we knew he would take care of the rest. Even though we didn't expect to wait two months, he worked on things in us and grew our faith through the waiting process.  

A lot of folks have been asking about life here and if we would recommend it and of coarse we do but I feel it's all a person journey between you God and your family. It's good to ask around and look into things but at the same time it's even better to just ask the Lord to lead you. Follow what he says and hold on to his word and that will get you through anything. All the places and states that Kyle and I have ever lived in, we didn't go to before hand to "spy out the land" as I like to call it. We prayed the Lord showed us where (even if it took four years for him to show us, when we lived in Hawaii) he still did and we sold most everything and gave the rest away and came to South Carolina. We moved here and we can't help but love it because we know this is where we need to be and this is where he wants us to be. 

Trust your heavenly Father, it's not always easy but it's always worth it! 

Love and blessings to you all!