I just love this song! I am not a song writer but if I was, this is the song I would write because it just sooo says what I'm feeling and living. When Kyle first suggested I start blogging I asked God for an answer, Yes or No. I got a few of them lol, and I kept asking for confirmation. One answer I got was if I am doing something for him then I'm not going against him and my fear is the worst reason to hold off on something. My relationship with God came to another level; sometimes I receive so much from him, I feel I can't contain it. I'm not a speaker or writer but if this can be a way for me to pour out what he shares with me so I can be filled again, I'll do the thing I fear most and step out on the water. I kind of have a fear for deep waters in the physical as well, ironic because I live on an island :). My biggest question was, "will it do any good or will this even help anyone to share my life...publicly?" I guess the answer is I don't know but if this is what God asked me to do next then I choose to take that step. I recently heard someone say that 'God is the author of everyones book. We don't know how the book ends but our day to day choices determine our legacy.' If someone in life gives up on pursuing God, their loved ones usually despair and give up hope but we don't know the ending of their book. It's not the end! Jesus told us to ask and pray (Phillipians 4:6-8), live in the peace that only he can give which exceeds anything we can understand. I hope this can encourage any of you who might need to make a step in something. Listen to the song Oceans by Hillsong and make it the cry of your heart.

Blessings, Natty